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{May 11, 2011}   Introducing… Angela Aames

Buxom and blonde are two traits that typically serve a young aspiring actress well in Hollywood.  Angela Aames was each.  The ample chested native of South Dakota made her mark in the B-Rate Kingdom as a top-heavy dame who acted, more or less, around her large breasts.  But Miss Aames was a gifted comedienne, who, when given the chance, showcased a knack for comedy.  But most filmmakers took notice of Angela’s physical traits and placed her fine acting skills beneath her full bosom.  Sadly, Angela Aames, who died in her early 30s, is only known for her famous breast-baring roles and not for her fine thespian skills.

Angela first appeared on the big screen in an erotic retelling of children’s fairy tales, in the aptly titled flick FAIRY TALES.  The busty Miss Aames portrayed Little Bo-Beep and spent the film searching for her sheep while showing off her large breasts.  But the exposure was modest compared to her next film.  In 1979’s H.O.T.S. Angela played Boom-Boom Bangs.  The film was your typical school high-jinks sexploitation film with a heavy dose of gratuitous nudity.  Angela was typically found topless in this movie.  She has your usual nude scene in a bath tub but gives the film its most unusual nude scene when she parachutes out of a plane topless.  Fortunately for Miss Aames, her next few roles allowed her to get by with more acting.

Angela ventured off to television and had a guest spot on the famous sitcom MORK AND MINDY.  She would follow that with a couple bit parts in some made-for-television movies before she enjoyed a recurring role on the series B.J. AND THE BEAR as Honey.  She would return to film, and breast exposure, in 1981 when she had a cameo in the flick ALL THE MARBLES.  By this time Angela had a few gigs to place on her resume but nothing too substantial.  She played a lot of sexy blonde roles in television which didn’t call for much acting–she just needed to look good–and fortunately for Miss Aames, that wasn’t hard to do.

After a guest spot on CHEERS in 1982, Angela worked in what was to be her most recognizable film: Al Pacino’s SCARFACE.  The role was a minor one but it was an A-List production.  From there she had a bit part on the popular comedy BACHELOR PARTY.  However, despite the film’s title and Angela’s obvious talents, she wasn’t cast as a stripper.  Be that as it may, her role nevertheless revolved around her breasts.  The following year she made what would turn out to be her best career move when she locked up with B-Rate filmmaker Jim Wynorski for the film LOST EMPIRE.  She would work for Jim in a number of his low-budget gems.

In LOST EMPIRE Angela had perhaps her meatiest role.  Cast as a gum-smacking convict, Miss Aames is recruited in this film by fellow full-breasted actresses Melanie Vincz and Raven de la Croix to topple an evil empire that trains women to be mindless assassins.  Angela gives a stellar performance as Heather McClure.  She shows a solid knack for one-liners and has a breezy delivery that makes her character quite entertaining.  Of course, Angela was asked to go topless in the film and she has a mud wrestling scene that eventually leads to a shower scene.  Although there is plenty emphasis on her breasts in this film as well, at least Jim Wynorski saw enough talent in Angela, beyond her bra-size, to give her a role with some substance.

After shooting LOST EMPIRE Angela worked with Ann Dusenberry and Rhonda Shear in the sexploitation comedy BASIC TRAINING.  She would follow up that film with guest spots on such television series as THE FALL GUY and HARDCASTLE AND MCCORMICK.  Jim Wynorski gave her a call again in 1986 when he needed a cameo for his robots gone amok flick CHOPPING MALL.  Angela reunited with Wynorski and LOST EMPIRE co-star Paul Coufos.  Her role is simply a cameo as she portrays Paul Coufos’ assistant at the opening of the film.  They sell their newly created security robots to a mall, but after the opening scene, both Angela and Paul are no longer seen in the film.

Just before her death Angela began to get a solid footing in sitcoms.  She had a recurring role in the popular courtroom comedy NIGHT COURT and then landed a regular assignment as Penny on THE DOM DELUISE SHOW.  But Angela died unexpectedly in 1988 of what was listed as heart failure.  She left this earth and the film industry with a bevy of fans who admired her work and flawless figure.  She was more than just the attractive lady in the background–Angela Aames was a talented thespian who extracted the most out of her talents.





BODY: 9.4



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