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{September 4, 2011}   Introducing… Bobbie Phillips

Bobbie Phillips is that type of woman who all dames are envious of.  It’s unfair, they think, that such a beautiful woman with a natural, well-sculpted body, should also be so intelligent and talented.  “How is it that she gets all the cards and I’m left holding the jokers?” they ask.  But that’s just the design Fate had for Bobbie–spare her your scorn.  She may have the looks that send men to courting and a chest that could be described as quite massive, but she also has advanced gray matter between her ears that enabled her to give law school a try.  Her talent was not confined to books and research but also to acting.  Miss Phillips is an extraordinary thespian who has dabbled in nearly every genre and has mastered them all. 

Like many actors just starting in the business, Bobbie made her first appearance on a television series.  She guest starred on the short-lived series THEY CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.  Given her statuesque, full-chested physique, Bobbie seemed destined to play sexpot roles and her early career seemed to suggest that path for her.  She appeared in such low-culture shows as MARRIED WITH CHILDREN and erotic concepts like SILK STALKINGS.  Originally a blond, the sexpot image seemed all that Bobbie would be allowed to project.  Her mane was light in such mindless action flicks as BACK IN ACTION and TC 2000.  Even after she turned brunette the roles still were of the sexpot variety as she starred with Michael Bendetti in an episode of THE RED SHOE DIARIES.  It would take a little time before Hollywood understood that Bobbie wasn’t just a classic set of breasts, but that the woman could act too.

Bobbie spent the mid 1990s working in rather minor features with the occasional television episode.  She starred in a number of Z-Grade action flicks with the likes of such low-quality actors as Rowdy Roddy Piper, Billy Blanks and Don “The Dragon” Wilson–all known more for what they’ve kicked than for acting skill.  Bobbie wasn’t just window-dressing in these films.  She held her own in the action department and used her early work to prepare her for starring roles down the road in which she’d be asked to play tough broads.  Things began to pickup for Bobbie in 1995 when she co-starred in the raunchy behind-the-scenes look at the world of strippers in the film SHOWGIRLS.  She followed up that appearance with the title role in the modern western CHEYENNE.  Not your grandpa’s oater, CHEYENNE stars Bobbie as the cheating, cunning, manipulative title character who is sought by her husband after she ran off when he caught her with a cowpoke.  Nothing is left to the imagination as Gary Hudson, playing the bounty hunter hired to bring her home, falls under her spell and has a romp with her.  Bobbie bares her entire body in a campfire romp with Gary–something gals like Jane Russell and Barbara Stanwyck didn’t do.

But it was in the realm of television where Miss Phillips really got her star going.  She gave a great performance in a cameo on the cult classic series X-FILES as Dr. Berenbaum.  Her role on the conspiracy theory epic coupled with her fine work on the series MURDER ONE finally enabled producers to see her true talent.  They were able to accept her large breasts as her complete package as an actress and dropped their nearsighted prejudice of busty women as addle-brained actresses only capable of playing sexpots.  She followed up her role on MURDER ONE with a starring role on the ensemble military series THE CAPE with Corbin Bernsen and Adam Baldwin–no relation to that wacko Alec.  Bobbie plays a navy pilot in the series and gave the show a brash babe capable of playing with the boys.

When THE CAPE was cancelled, Bobbie guest starred on an episode of STARGATE SG-1 before landing the lead role in the remake of the classic horror film CARNIVAL OF SOULS.  Bobbie shows her wide range of skills in CARNIVAL OF SOULS.  Although she isn’t allowed to kick some ass, she is stretched as an actress and forced to display the wide emotional range that horror seems to demand from its leads.  She expertly plays Alex Grant, a young woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders.  She witnessed the murder of her mother when just a child and has visions of the clown that killed her.  Larry Miller gives a great performance as the clown as the duo keep the film running smoothly along.  Bobbie’s Alex has become a mother-like figure to her sister Shawnee Smith and she owns and operates her fledgling little coastal tavern.  When Larry Miller’s murderous clown returns, she feels she may be entering into madness when she is informed that he has been dead for some time.  Bobbie gives a very strong performance and makes the film entertaining on her own.

After shooting CARNIVAL OF SOULS Bobbie signed a contract that gave her the role she’d be best remembered for: THE CHAMELEON.  Although the film played like a pilot for a series, it never became a television series but instead was a film trilogy.  Bobbie uses her early martial arts roles to full use as Kam, the cyborg assassin in THE CHAMELEON trilogy.  Bobbie carries the films since the scripts are quite generic, but be that as it may, Bobbie makes the series watchable with her unquestionable appeal.  In between filming the three CHAMELEON films, Miss Phillips worked in television and landed recurring roles in THE CROW: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and TWO GUYS, A GIRL AND A PIZZA PLACE.  However, the CHAMELEON series would her last solid work.  She would later guest star on an episode of DHARMA & GREG and then starred in one of the worst horror films ever produced, EVIL BREED, which teamed the unfortunate Bobbie with some veteran pornstars who had no business sharing the same set as Miss Phillips.  Shortly thereafter she left the acting world.





BODY: 9.8


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James says:

Very good take on actress Bobbie Phillips and the basic chronology of her career. A very talented actress. It must have been very frustrating for her in such a single minded business! She obviously just got too smart for it and I read she owns a famous hotel now!

CMRAYZ says:

I agree. A nice chronology. It does look like Bobbie has returned to acting based on all the new titles under her current IMDB listing. They all look like interesting films. Perhaps now in her forties(although still incredibly beautiful) she will be accepted and appreciated for more than only her beauty. I always thought she was a great actress. The material was often weak. But, she always gave a believable, multi-faceted performance. She was quite remarkable in the MURDER ONE series.

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