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{January 23, 2012}   Introducing… Elizabeth Kaitan

In order to be a B-Rate leading lady, an actress must possess more physical appal than acting ability.  Most B-Rate motion pictures utilize weak scripts with flimsy plots and dialogue you would typically hear coming from a high school gym locker room.  Since the stories in the B-Kingdom are nothing like the pen of Thomas Peacock, the ladies are typically cast for their contours.  The Hungarian born Elizabeth Kaitan was clearly cast for her shapely physique as well as her heavenly face, but the beauty was also a quality actress who excelled at playing the dream girl type that aroused the male audience while not putting off the female viewer with vixen-like sexuality.  If Elizabeth was a vixen, she hid it well behind her everygirl voice and soul-piercing gaze.

Elizabeth broke into the film industry in the early 1980s and her second feature film role was an uncredited jaunt in the Woody Allen film ZELIG.  She then played a dancer in a tv movie in 1983 before finding her niche the following year in the sleaze flick VIOLATED.  Elizabeth would work predominately throughout her career in skinflicks that placed a heavy emphasis on her flawless body.  Directors sought close-ups not of Elizabeth’s dramatic expressions but of her ample breasts.  Given her soft, valley girl like voice, Miss Kaitan played naive lovelies well and was often cast in roles, like VIOLATED, that were meant for breast exposure and as little acting as possible.  Many filmmakers failed to see the talents that Miss Kaitan owned–those talents seen by individuals whose vision isn’t superficial.

The B-Rate world became Elizabeth’s stomping grounds in the mid 1980s after her sojourn in the A-List gallery of Woody Allen.  She had a minor role as a roller blading coed in the Belinda Montgomery slasher flick SILENT MADNESS.  Beth’s role is a minor one as she serves simply as a body to be counted.  She then appeared in a biker flick with George Kennedy and Richard Lynch, SAVAGE DAWN, in 1985.  Two years later she had a part in the sequel to the controversial Christmas-themed slasher SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT.  Not nearly as good as the original, the sequel used far too many stock footage scenes from the first film as flashbacks to pad the bare bones script.  Through playing second fiddle, Elizabeth was handed the lead in the sci-fi skinflick SLAVE GIRLS FROM BEYOND INFINITY.  She shines as a female Tarzan, wearing a loin cloth and a small top that barely covers her breasts.  Although typecast as the dainty, doe-eyed dear in other films, given her natural persona, she plays against type as a woman of action. 

She starred in the horror/revenge film NECROMANCER in 1988 as the female lead.  A good vehicle for her talents, Miss Kaitan plays a college grad student who is raped.  She searches out a spiritualist to assist her who unwittingly conjures up a demon that possesses Elizabeth and helps her get her revenge at the expense of her humanity.  Although the message is weak, Elizabeth is strong, playing her role of Julie Johnson with uncommon poise for a sexy actress relegated to the B-Kingdom.  Elizabeth gets to sport a clawed hand and flash glowing green eyes in this film, but the bloody revenge wasn’t enough excitement–there needed to be some Kaitan nudity and the beautiful actress obliges with a shower scene where she plunges her clawed appendage in an area a dude would rather keep claws-free.

After shooting the inept ASSAULT OF THE KILLER BIMBOS, Miss Kaitan played Robin in the seventh installment of the long-running horror franchise FRIDAY THE 13TH.  A decent film, the seventh installment had the typical clichéd script with Elizabeth offering the bare breasts and the most tantalizing body for Jason Voorhees to hack.  When she landed a role in a big budget film–which she rarely did–her roles were often of the blink-and-you-missed-it variety.  Such was the case in the Schwarzenegger/Devito flick TWINS in which she played a secretary.  But in the B-Kingdom, Elizabeth was Queen Bee.  She shined in a dual role in the film NIGHT CLUB and returned to her wheels-on-heels role of SILENT MADNESS with the sci-fi film ROLLER BLADE WARRIORS: TAKEN BY FORCE. 

Miss Kaitan would work steadily as the calendar went from the 1980s to the 1990s.  She had a minor role in the sci-fi flick DR. ALIEN before working on what is probably her finest film: NIGHTWISH.  One of the better horror/sci-fi films the B-Kingdom offered during the 1990s, NIGHTWISH studied the inner workings of the mind and the cause of nightmares.  Elizabeth gives a terrific performance as Donna, the studious good girl who proves that she can branch out as an actress and play young women capable of utilizing that odd-shaped thing between their ears.  But of course, since she developed the reputation of a body-baring bimbo in earlier works, she was asked to showcase her breasts in this film as well… and she obliges.

The erotic thriller would soon become an avenue that Miss Kaitan would chart.  She starred in the third installment of the sleazy VICE ACADEMY films in 1991 as Candy–a role she would reprise in several other sequels.  She starred in NIGHT REALM in 1994 and made the fourth and fifth installments of the VICE ACADEMY series in the mid 1990s.  She did her thing in VIRTUAL ENCOUNTERS in 1996 and later that year teased viewers in the boring erotic western PETTICOAT PLANET where a spaceman crash lands in a western world populated by women.  Elizabeth plays one of the dames that beds our lucky hero.  As the years passed, the roles became more erotic and simulated sex was made to order.  She made a few nudity-mandatory moaners in THE EROTIC HOUSE OF WAX and VERONICA 2030 before calling it a career.





BODY: 9.4


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